Desired outcome(s) and outcomes indicator(s)

Desired Outcome(s) Outcome Indicator(s) Proposed Target(s) Prime/Direct Impact Of Proposed Target(s) on Beneficiaries

A strong necessity for understanding contemporary issues associated with culture and historical linkage

The needs for understanding and preserving local  knowledge

Indonesians scholars and students on higher education institutes

Availability of archives or researches document on local knowledge and its linkage to world knowledge

Diffusion of publication on Social Representation studies; Scholars trained on Social Representation perspective

Needs for translating and publishing books on Social Representations studies; Scholars able to carry on researches using the perspective of Social Representation

Students on higher education institutes, scholars working for NGO(s), intellectuals

Ability to welcome working with other disciplines in order to enrich the understanding of culture and local knowledge 

Able to carry on dialogue and co-operation to understand the complexity of global social  phenomena 

A social mapping of contemporary issues on different culture

Researchers, higher education institutions, government, NGO(s)

Able to develop the theoretical reflection of non-western society  in  global  context

Exchanges through conferences or publications

Scientific openness to welcome others vision of knowledge

Local and international scholars

International networking to carry on studies on different topics and on different society.

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