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Foundation of Social Representation Studies Indonesia

The Foundation of Center of Social Representations Studies is established to initiate the development of academic and research tradition which is based on the studies of culture and every day's life of people as the most fundamental aspect of social structure by using the Social Representations perspective which has been developed by Serge Moscovici.

This perspective aims to enhance the production of knowledge on culture and its pluralism, in Indonesia particularly, and South East Asia in general (for Serge Moscovici as the laureate of Balzan Prix 2003 - see Balzan Fondation at or

The initial function of this Centre is to introduce this approach for analyzing and doing the interpretation on contemporary social issues.

The non-profit Foundation is based in Jakarta, and will cover the area studies of Indonesia and South East Asia.

For its first insemination, the Foundation of Center for Social Representations Studies will introduce this approach to higher education institutions in Indonesia and collaborate with them to encourage the research tradition based on the studies on culture and every day's life of people

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